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The Library: Where Life Checks Out

April 9, 2019

The Library: Where Life Checks Out

A preview and sample of the audiobook
written by Carmen DeSousa - 
Host Addison Barnes


About the book: 

In 1934, the body of a beautiful but poor young woman was found alongside a riverbank near The Depot. Beaten to a pulp, only recognizable by a tattoo on her ankle, and yet, days after the discovery, the story all but disappears.   

Eighty years later, locals claim The Depot is haunted. But in all the years homicide detective Mark Waters has visited the historic 1800s train station turned restaurant, he's never seen proof. Until now.  

As he sifts through evidence of a supposed suicide by train, he learns a murder that took place 80 years ago may directly affect his case.   

Six months after the strange occurrences at The Depot, there's another murder. This time, The Library holds secrets of several murders, and the dead won't rest until the murderer checks out, too.  



Past and present on a collision course! Based on a real-life ghost story of a haunted library, Carmen DeSousa unveils the mystery of the haunting with a compelling tale of murder, betrayal and resolution. Can those with unfinished business from the past reach out from the other side and influence a current situation that will help them find peace? Detective Mark Waters is about to find out just how far that can go. Great story. A leisurely read with lots of emotional content. You get The Depot as a bonus leading up to The Library. ~ Sandy Penny on

What a read! Really enjoyed this great mystery. I needed something light to read and decided to read The Depot and The Library: Where life checks out. Was not disappointed at all. This was a great story and yet not overwhelming. Just enough twist and turns to give it the right amount of mystery, but not make it to where you get blindsided with something that came out if left field and doesn't make any sense. Everything fell right in place perfectly. Didn't take long to realize who Jay actually was. Loved every minute of this. ~ Margaret Williams on

Enjoyed! Carmen does a wonderful job with this book! A ghost mystery with twists and turns will leave you begging for the next one! Enjoyed reading this book and cannot wait for the next one! ~ Texas Rose on


The Library   Carmen DeSousa
  Carmen DeSousa


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