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Reviews and Sample for “I Love Your Cupcakes”

August 21, 2018

I Love Your Cupcakes

Reviews and Sample from the Audiobook

Host Gwyn Olson, who is also the narrator, shares some reviews for the book "I Love Your Cupcakes," followed by a sample from the book.

The Story: If you are nuts about TV cookery programs and think chocolate is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, keep reading! I Love Your Cupcakes is a "sweet" romance, a virtual fantasy high in calories and a fun adventure. Dare to give it a bite!

Dulce, Adelfa, and Storm, the protagonists of I Love Your Cupcakes are business partners, friends, and share some "interesting" family connections. All the men Dulce meets only ever talk about her cakes, and she's tired of it. Her friend, Adelfa, although she's a chemistry professor, can't manage to find the recipe for the perfect relationship. And Storm, the third of the partners of their bakery/coffee shop/bookshop/art gallery and ex-fire station, is an artist who is not a master in the art of love. How could they imagine that at the studio of the contest "Do You Have What It Takes to Be the Next Baking Star?" they'd find sexual harassment, cheats, fights, and also love?

With dogs, fire trucks, London double-decker buses, school buses, artists, chemists, engineers, architects, intrigue, scandals, bigamy, and lots and lots of desserts, I Love Your Cupcakes is a romantic comedy with a sweet heart. You will find baddies, crooks, goodies, odd balls, and flawed but endearing characters. More than anything, I can promise you good humor, friendship, smiles, sense of community, heart, and plenty of cakes. Try it! I'm sure you won't be able to stop once you give it a bite!

I hope you come to love Dulce, Adelfa, Storm, and their friends as much as I do. And if that is the case, please let me know. I wouldn't mind writing some more adventures about them and baking more cakes!

About the Author: Olga Núñez Miret is a writer and also does translations of other author's works. She was born in Barcelona, Spain, but has lived in the UK for quite a while. She's done many things and had other lives, but however far she wanders she keeps coming back to books and stories, my two earliest loves. When reading was no longer enough for her, she started writing. 


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 Olga Núñez Miret

Olga Núñez Miret