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The HUUT - Mike Kennedy

The HUUT - Mike Kennedy

December 11, 2018


Host Gwyn Olson interviews 
Mike Kennedy, Author of The Huut
and narrator Conner Goff


About the book: A clue and a fatal accident sends Mark Springfield across the country to the Golden State. With him is an encrypted device able to communicate with The HUUT, the only satellite able to image below the earth's surface. If his sister is still alive, he'll use it as bait to get her back.

"Richard Salvatore, Mark Springfield, or whatever his name is, sat right in front of me! I would've had him killed then if I had known! Ken, how did this get past us?" It was a rhetorical question. Steve Chang was furious and could hardly control himself as he sat in the small room at the JPL. Ken Benner sat patiently across from him with his elbows on the table, watching. He knew what was really driving this rant. Martin Powell, Chang's number-one man, had brought the woman back, the sister of a CIA operative. Ken shook his head. He had never liked Powell, thought him impulsive. He had screwed up, and now they had to clean up his mess. "I worked for years getting information on the Huntsville unit", Chang blurted. Unbeknownst to Chang, the Chinese government was taunting the US. It was a ploy to get them to show their hand. Instead, they had planted their own spy."


The Huut   Mike Kennedy
  Mike Kennedy


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