Destined - A Novel of the Tarot

March 19, 2019

Destined: A Novel of the Tarot

A preview and sample of the audiobook
written by Gail Cleare - 
Host Addison Barnes


About the book: 

Follow Emily's journey to self-discovery, community, spirit, and love. A contemporary magic-realism romance. 

This is the year Emily Ross takes control of her destiny and learns to deliberately shape the future. Emily has always known she is different. She attracts spirits, has prophetic dreams and can sense people's thoughts. Longing to fit in, she hides her true self. But this changes when she takes a job at the fabulous curio shop owned by Henry Paradis, an occult scholar who becomes her spiritual mentor. Recognizing her talents as the valuable gifts they are, Henry teaches Emily to accept her magical nature and "look forward." Emily chooses the path to light. She finds lifelong friends, falls in love, learns the power of desire and intention, faces her worst fears and is swept toward awakening.


A wonderful story of destiny! Gail weaves a tarot card into each chapter in this lovely story of love, understanding and a spiritual path. It is not about the occult as some may associate with tarot. Do you believe in a predestined spiritual path? Read this intriguing story that is interesting from the first page. I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. I highly recommend this book. Leaves me feeling hopeful and delighted.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book! This is my 1st book by the author. It won't be the last!! I was able to escape into the story!


This has become my favorite tarot novel! I've got to say, my first take on Destined was that it was too good to be true. Everyone was either nice from the get-go or someone who would obviously come around as I followed the sunshiny plot.

But I read the book all the way through in a couple of hours because I loved the characters and couldn't put it down. And by now it's not only my favorite tarot novel, it's got pages coming out from rereading and I could really use a new copy! The tarot chapter headings work well and the tarot readings within the book are spot on. Very believable. 


Destined - A Novel of the Tarot   Gail Cleare
  Gail Cleare


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The Camel’s Back: A Nick Lawrence Novel

March 12, 2019

The Camel's Back:
A Nick Lawrence Novel

Host Marnye Young (The Audio Sorceress) interviews Brian Christopher Shea,  the author of "The Nick Lawrence Series", and Conner Goff, the narrator of "The Camel's Back"


About the book: Three people, each at their own breaking point, collide. The resulting impact will forever change their lives… if they can manage to survive it.

Declan Enright, a former police officer recently fired over a controversial shooting, has reached a breaking point in his life. Confronted with insurmountable financial burdens in the wake of his termination, Declan makes a desperate move to stabilize his situation for the benefit of his wife and three young daughters. Tapping into his ingrained skill set, forged during his time as an operator in the Navy’s most elite special operations unit, Declan crosses over the line of right and wrong, discovering that nothing is black and white. All while maintaining the balance of family and the needs of his non-communicative, three-year-old autistic daughter, Laney.

Nicholas Lawrence, an accomplished investigator with the FBI, voluntarily takes a reassignment from his human trafficking unit in Austin, Texas. His transfer brings him to the bank robbery unit based out of Connecticut’s New Haven field office. Nick’s decision to relocate, stemming from the recent death of his father, is done in an effort to care for his aging mother suffering from the onset of dementia. The burden of this decision is only slightly alleviated by the support of his partner, Isabella Martinez.

Khaled, a man who suffered an unimaginable loss several years back, makes the decision to leave his small village set in the foothills of Iraq’s Cheekha Dar Mountain. He has traveled to the United States in the hope of seeking closure to the event that haunts his daily existence. Khaled’s concept of closure is wrought with devastating consequences, plunging the country into a state of fear. The best chance at thwarting this threat rests in the unlikely alliance formed between Declan, Nick, and Isabella.


Editorial Reviews:

“A powerful and gripping novel. The character of Declan Enright is every bit as complex as the times we live in. Written from firsthand experience, Brian Christopher Shea gives us all the rare opportunity to see the internal and external struggles of those individuals who serve in the military and as first responders.” Kevin Cahill, Lt. Col. US Army Intelligence
“Shea gives you a front row seat to the raw emotion of those on the front line. His characters are genuine and are faced with real-world challenges set against a backdrop of a fast-paced thrill ride. His descriptive prose breaks down the technical aspect of the military and police lingo, putting it into plain language for all readers. Shea’s original character, Declan Enright, is as relentless as the author who created him. A must read!” Lt. Kevin Dillon (Ret.), Founder of LOCKUP Police Combat Systems


The Camel's Back   Marc Hoberman
  Brian Christopher Shea


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🎧 Finding Joy When Life Is Out of Focus: Philippians - Study for Joy-Thirsty Women

March 5, 2019

Finding Joy When Life Is Out of Focus:
Philippians - Study for Joy-Thirsty Women

Host Marnye Young (The Audio Sorceress) 
talks with author Angela Donadio, about her book
"Finding Joy When Life Is Out of Focus"


About the book: We all walk through seasons when joy plays an unwelcome game of Hide and Seek. Disappointment, worry, and adversity blur our lens on life, sabotaging our ability to develop the meaningful relationships we long for and realize our worth in Christ. Finding Joy When Life is Out of Focus will help you choose contentment regardless of circumstance, transform faulty thought patterns through the truth of God's Word, and persevere when life is unraveling. Experienced individually or in small groups, this Study of Philippians for Joy-Thirsty Women includes dynamic teaching, inspiring personal stories, opportunities for life-growth, and a guide for leaders. Joy-thirsty women, are you ready to pull your joy out of hiding? Start looking through the grace-crafted lens of God's perspective - you'll love the life you see! 


Finding Joy When Life Is Out of Focus   Angela Donadio
  Angela Donadio


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Creatus Series Audiobook 🎧 Talk with author Carmen DeSousa

February 26, 2019

Creatus Series

Host Marnye Young (The Audio Sorceress)
talks with Carmen DeSousa,
"Creatus Series" Author


About the book: Creatus Series Boxed Set includes the complete five-book series!

For 4000 years, creatus have concealed themselves from the humans who hunted them almost to extinction. Unwittingly, one creatus will endanger them all...

As with most of his family, Derrick Ashton knows his future and what position he's destined to fill within his unique society. Everything changes, however, when he breaks one of his family's strictest laws and falls in love - with a human.

In his quest to protect the woman he can never have, a twist of faith propels him into a new role that will cause dissension among his family and endanger the anonymity that they've spent thousands of years protecting.

Now, he will risk everything to save the girl from humans and his own kind. The one thing he can't save her from, herself.

The Creatus series is not your normal paranormal story... It's a realistic romantic mystery based on the myths you've heard your entire life. Prepare to believe.

©2014 Carmen DeSousa (P)2017 Carmen DeSousa
Great Series! Loved this one and think it is fabulous the entire series can be purchased together!!! Definitely a book series for those that love the supernatural! --L Crumigan

Excellent Story! Action, suspense, mystery, and romance. Excellent series. The narration definitely made the story come alive. --Jessica Luemen

Interesting Twist! This is a unique idea for all the myths throughout history from vampire to nephilim to witches and humans. There weren't any slow parts. At first, I was a little bummed that the books went so fast in a story progression it too out what makes a good guy good but also bad. (vice versa with the bad guy having good parts). I can't say it's a romance because any romance happened fast without any satisfying tension. I am glad that there were limited sex scenes because that would have ruined my mental image of each character. I have been looking forward to this book but was too concerned about it based on the "star" reviews. I'm glad I bought it though. It's so much better than the average review. --Teresa


Creatus Series   Carmen DeSousa
  Carmen DeSousa


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Fiction Focus for Writers: Release Barriers to Your Success

February 19, 2019

Fiction Focus for Writers:
Release Barriers to Your Success

Host Marnye Young (The Audio Sorceress)
Spotlights Jackie Weger's "Fiction Focus for Writers"


About the book: Plump up a pillow and listen to Fiction Focus for Writers. Discover how to release barriers to your success. Brainstorm a new book, a short story, a proposal, an outline. Finish your work in progress. Fiction Focus for Writers can help. Twenty minutes is all it takes!


Fiction Focus for Writers   Thomas Russell
  Jackie Weger


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Finding Your True North: A Bullied Teen’s Journey of Hope

February 12, 2019

Finding Your True North: A Bullied Teen's Journey of Hope

Host Marnye Young (The Audio Sorceress) interviews Thomas Russell, the author of "Finding Your True North" and "Nowhere Man"


About the book: One in four students is bullied every day. Fourteen-year-old Charlie has suffered repeatedly from other kids making fun of him. Add to that the fact that he lives in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father who constantly berates him, and it makes for a life of low self-worth. So he decides to escape his misery by running away. Thinking that it will solve all of his problems, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery in the small town of Tanner, while learning life-changing, soul-searching lessons from the residents.


About the Author: Today's guest, Thomas Russell, is available for speaking engagements in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois, and he can also Skype to classrooms all across the world.

You can contact today's guest, Thomas Russell, regarding speaking engagements or with questions about his book and work via email:


Finding Your True North   Thomas Russell
  Thomas Russell


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Paramedic Killer - Pat Patterson

February 5, 2019

Paramedic Killer

Host Gwyn Olson interviews  Pat Patterson, the author of "Paramedic Killer" and Caroline Turner Cole, the narrator 


About the book: An early morning wreck. A grisly, fiery mess. Paramedic Jim Stockbridge does his best to save the family, but the flames drive him back. Now, with a family relative out for revenge and two beautiful women on his mind, Jim is about to learn that failure is not an option — especially when lives are on the line.

Jim Stockbridge could only stare at the terrible fiery wreck. He wanted to cry, to shake his fist and shout at the unleashed horror unfolding before his eyes, but he was a trained professional, and he had work to do.

Three bodies lay on the pavement beside him. Two were on fire...

About the Author: I am a paramedic, an educator, a family man, and an adventurer. I love life, and live to go fast. I used to race motorcycles, now I ride a mountain bike. I have sailed since I was nine, taken a million pictures, studied many topics, and bandaged a lot of people. I write about what I know. So if my stories are gritty, a little fast, colorful and full of adventure, it's because I've been there, on the water, in the woods, and on the street, with dying people in my arms, and that has left a deep impression on my heart. But at the end of the day, I'm just a paramedic with a lot of stories to tell. 

Review Quotes:

"Fast action from dramatic start to a thrilling climax. Sailors, medics, EMTs, and those in emergency medicine will delight in the accuracy of technical detail. Patterson delivers thrilling suspense fiction." ~ Donn Taylor, author of Lightning on a Quiet Night, Rhapsody in Red, and The Lazarus File.

Wow...Paramedic Killer is one intense book! I very much enjoyed this suspenseful fictional novel but had to put it down on occasion as some of the scenes are very graphic and mind-boggling. Jim Stockbridge is a paramedic who is challenged by his choice of career...that of saving lives as an ambulance driver. Six years ago, the unthinkable happens in a driving accident where seven people in one family are killed. A fire ensues after the crash and although there are a few survivors, two young men in particular, Billy and Bobby Canaday are badly disfigured. Even though Jim and his partner Devon made every effort to save their lives, the Canaday clan doesn't quite see things the same way. They decide to take justice into their own hands and with the philosophy of "an eye for an eye" they hunt down the two ambulance drivers to avenge the death of their loved people are destined to pay. ~ Dolores Ayotte (Amazon Reviewer)


Paramedic Killer   Pat Patterson
  Pat Patterson


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A Nest of Sparrows - Deborah Raney

January 29, 2019

A Nest of Sparrows

Host Gwyn Olson interviews 
Deborah Raney, the author of "A Nest of Sparrows" 
and Julie Lancelot, narrator 


About the book: His Fiancée Was the One Woman He’d Loved.

Her Children Are All He Has Left.

Reserved contractor Wade Sullivan never expected to fall in love with Starr Parnell or to love her three small kids as if they were his own. But that’s exactly what happened. As their wedding draws near, however, tragedy strikes–and Wade must put aside his own grief in order to help Starr’s children cope. 

As Wade focuses his efforts on caring for the children, he discovers that their tender, young lives give tremendous meaning to his own broken one. Then Starr’s abusive ex-husband shows up to claim the offspring who barely remember him–and Wade prepares for the fight of his life. 

Will Anyone Believe His Claim to Love the Children More than Their Father Loves Them? 

A powerful novel of loss and discovery, courage and grace, A Nest of Sparrows masterfully illustrates one man’s struggle to know when to fight, when to let go, and when to simply wait.


A Nest of Sparrows   Deborah Raney
  Deborah Raney


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Hear Your Body Whisper: How to Unlock Your Self-Healing Mechanism

January 22, 2019

Hear Your Body Whisper:
How to Unlock Your Self-Healing Mechanism

Host Marnye Young (The Audio Sorceress) interviews Otakara Klettke, the author of "Hear Your Body Whisper: How to Unlock Your Self-Healing Mechanism"


About the book:

Can you talk to your body?
Is it possible to hear your body talk to you?
Could you help your body to get healthy and heal acute or chronic diseases?
Could your body return to its ideal shape on its own?

Imagine your life inside a healthy body. No doctor’s appointments. No health limitations.

Imagine your body to return into shape that is healthiest for it. Without your willpower.

Otakara Klettke shares in her book Hear Your Body Whisper, How to Unlock Your Self-Healing Mechanism how she has learned to communicate with her body.

From a sick childhood and constant health limitations, the author spent first 20 years of her life often being bound to a hospital or home in bed. When she slowly discovered that there is a way to communicate with her body her life turned around.

Hear Your Body Whisper is a result of obsessive research, personal experience, and rediscovering the connection between our body and mind that naturally exists in every one of us.

Otakara Klettke separates her mind and soul from her body. She explains that your body is filled with trillions of microorganisms that are responsible for the well-being of your body. By understanding your body’s inhabitants, you can guide them to address acute and chronic diseases. Your body will also settle in the body shape it is meant to be naturally.

You can get in contact with Otakara Klettke on her website:


Hear Your Body Whisper   Otakara Klettke
  Otakara Klettke


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The Taste of Air - Gail Cleare

January 15, 2019

The Taste of Air

Host and narrator, Marnye Young (The Audio Sorceress) interviews Gail Cleare,  the author of "The Taste of Air"


About the book: A simple phone call disrupts Nell Williams's well-ordered life. Her mother, Mary, is in a hospital in Vermont. But her mother is supposed to be safely tucked away in an assisted-living facility in Massachusetts, so Nell can't fathom why she would be so far from home.

After notifying her sister, Bridget, Nell hops on a plane and rushes to her mother's side. There, she discovers that her mother has been living a second life. Mary has another home and a set of complex relationships with people her daughters have never met.

When Nell and Bridget delve deeper into their mother's lakeside hideaway, they uncover a vault of family secrets and the gateway to change for all three women.


Editorial Reviews:

"In The Taste of Air, Cleare deftly explores the consequence of our choices, even those made with the best of intentions. A family saga bridging decades and filled with shocking revelations, hope and love, you won't be able put this book down." (Kate Moretti, author of New York Times best-seller Thought I Knew You)
"In this terrific novel, when two women learn their mother wasn't who they thought she was it leads them to question their own lives and choices. Deftly written, with lush descriptions of the New England setting, this is a book to choose as a companion for curling up on a sofa on a dark winter day or for laying on the beach in the summer. The Taste of Air is character-driven fiction at its best." (Ann Warner, author of The Babbling Brook Naked Poker Club series)


The Taste of Air   Marc Hoberman
  Gail Cleare


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